Monday, August 26, 2013

A Much Needed Update

Blogging has been pretty low on my priority list lately especially when posting simple pics on Instagram seems to be much easier.  However I'm making a resolve to be a better blogger :) Starting with an update of the past few months...

First and most exciting.... At the beginning of March, Phil and I found out BABY LAMOREAUX is due on NOVEMBER 8!!!! We are thrilled and can't believe I'm already 2 1/2 months away from my due date.

One of the perks of having a father-in-law who is an OBGYN is frequent ultrasounds!  And no... he will NOT be delivering me.  At 15 weeks we found out our angel is a little GIRL!  We can't wait!

Here is the progression of our baby...

 6 weeks

 11 weeks

 15 weeks

21 weeks

25 weeks

27 week belly & exactly 3 months away from my due date!

I'm now just a few days away from that 30 week mark and I'm so excited.  The end is nearing!

It honestly has been a great pregnancy so far!  I was extremely tired during the first trimester (which is kicking back in now that I'm in the third trimester) but no vomiting or morning sickness.  At 24 weeks I started getting some pretty bad back pain, which turned out to be a pinched nerve at 25 weeks.  Not sciatic nerve pain but a pinched nerve that causes a pins and needles like tingling and numbness around the front of my belly.  Father-in-law Dr. Lamoreaux says the only cure is to have the baby...yay (sarcastic).

Phil ran the Spartan Beast race in June with his cousin, his sister, and her friend.  It is a 13 mile course with 25 obstacles.  He seriously cruised through the race in 3 hours (that sounds like a really long time but it was comparatively short).  I supported him like a champ ;)

We also celebrated Phil's 26th birthday in June!  Among other bday events, we spent an evening riding trax to a Real Salt Lake Soccer game where the sun was blazing in our faces for the first 3/4 of the game.  Not necessarily my idea of fun but Phil loved it.  Take away the sun and I would've been a happy girl too haha.

 Following the tradition I started last year, I baked Phil a fondant cake again.  This one was much more simple than last year's soccer ball cake, but it still turned out great!

In July we celebrated our 4 year anniversary!  It's crazy how time flies.  Phil planned the whole anniversary trip and surprised me.  We left Saturday morning and drove to St. George where we spent the first night.  Our favorite St. George memory is when we asked the front desk guy where a good place was to have dinner.  We told him that we wanted to go some where we couldn't go at home.  His first suggestion was "The Painted Pony" where dinner is around $50/plate.... pass.  He was having a hard time thinking of anywhere else (obviously his job title does not include concierge) when he suddenly said, "Oh, oh, oh... you know where you should go, this place called Kneaders!"  We found that suggestion and the way he said it quite humorous especially since we live 7 minutes from a Kneaders and can go whenever we want.  He wasn't too helpful that night.  Especially since we ended up at Chilies.

We went to a married student ward the next day for church and then continued on to Las Vegas.  Phil has a travel agent cousin who hooked us up with a sweet deal in the Balcony Sweet at the MGM Signature Towers.  We loved our room and our view!

We spent the days by the pool and the evenings out to dinner, walking the strip, pretending like we belonged in the casinos, or staying in to watch a movie.  Our one big even was seeing the new Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show.  It was incredible and definitely worth the splurge!  We arrived early so rather than sit in the theater, we decided to watch this woman play roulette.  After blowing through her money she left and another couple sat down.  The husband gave the dealer $200 for his wife to play (seriously...!!!).  This couple was really nice and educated on the rules and strategy of roulette.  Shortly after this woman started, the original lady came back to the table with and additional $200 to play.  There soon became a nice little crowd around this table and Phil and I just enjoyed in the excitement of watching people win and loose.  But as we all know, the house always wins!

July also consisted of our annual Lamoreaux Lake Powell trip.  I enjoyed riding the boat and floating in the water, but it was a bummer not being able to do anything because I was pregnant.  We marveled in some beautiful sun rises and sun sets, I had fun playing with my nephews and niece, and Phil brushed up on his back flip!

That about wraps up the high lights of our summer.  I can't believe it is over.  I started teaching Health at Lone Peak HS last week and Phil started the second year of his Masters program in Occupational Therapy today!  It will be a crazy next couple months as we work, go to school, and prepare for Baby Girl to arrive!  

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  1. Katelyn!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so so so excited for you guys :) I really miss you and it is so good to hear that you are doing well!!!!!! I will need to go follow you on instagram! My phone deleted all of my contacts awhile ago so I don't have your number anymore and was just thinking about you guys and wondering how you are doing so I'm glad you have blogged lately!! Hang in there... you are almost done with pregnancy!! Can't wait to see pics of that cute little baby!!